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Xhosa TalkXhosa TalkXhosa Talk

Joshua Morgan founded Xhosa Talk in May 2017 as a start of a campaign for increased use of isiXhosa among South Africans in general.

Xhosa Talk has sprung from two main motivations. One, that it seems such a remarkable thing when someone is able to even greet a Xhosa person with a simple 'molo' when it is the second most commonly spoken language in the country. Secondly, isiXhosa is a beautiful, fun, descriptive and rewarding language that is readily equipped with the strong teaching spirit of the amaXhosa people.

Xhosa Talk, then, is being constructed with the understanding that it is certainly possible to learn isiXhosa for those who have the die-hard desire though there is no single free resource available that is engaging, varied, and accessible enough to capture the hearts and minds of those who don't know yet the beauty and benefits of isiXhosa.

The resources are currently available at www.xhosatalk.com accompanied by the increasing database of vocabulary videos of isiXhosa phrases on the instagram account www.instagram.com/xhosatalk/

The website includes memorable illustrated short grammar lessons and translated isiXhosa-English songs.