Voluntourism, Volunteering Organizations

South Africa inspires the world through its social development, environmental proactiveness and the upliftment of its people. Volunteering has become a vital addition to communities across the country. The possibilities are almost endless: schools, hospitals, conservation initiatives, business development and many more seek the support of this sector. This draws tourists to our country since almost all volunteers travels during their stay and add so much more value to our econcomy than just the volunteering they do. Volunteers are some of the longest staying visitors to the country. They often have a far larger spend than most tourists.
This sector creates a the stability that we should all be striving for in youth tourism. The partnerships between all our sectors is made clear when we examine the movement of these volunteers. They are interested in the country, they integrate themselves into our culture, into our communities and offer us as South Africans the opportunity to learn more about others. It is the networking of a global community of people who really care, who want to experience and share.
All our sectors of tourism benefit from this unique body of proactive volunteering.