Our Friends

The people and businesses we work with on a daily basis.

Every participant of the tourism sector relies on those around us who provide the linen on our beds to the garden service down the road. We buy, make use of and support businesses of all sorts within our cities, towns and communities. You are our go-to in most situations, we recognize your value and you are welcome in our industry. From a personal banker to the delivery of consumables, you form part of our network.
You are most welcome to join our conference and make use of this unique opportunity to engage.
We also have the privilege of having supporting networks of social networks; advisory bodies like Fair Trade and Eco Atlas who create awareness in our industry.
The tourism industry as whole in South Africa has given us the support and encouragement that grew youth tourism into what it is today. Without the diverse range of tourism bodies we would not have had nearly the amount of resources and advice we are having today. To our international partners we would like to extend the invitation to join us for Southern Africas largest Youth Tourism Conference. SAYTC has paved the way for a huge diversity of partnerships and potential. We are one.