Find your way in and around Port Elizabeth.

There are many different options to get from Point A to Point B. Find below the different tansport options in PE and the location of the airport, bus terminals etc.

Arrive by BazBus

BazBus has generously sponsored a free hop-on-hop-off 14-day travel pass for any delegate who signs up for the conference! Make use of this amazing offer to bumble along the route to and from the conference and visit other backpackers! Check out this page for pre- and after- parties, birthday bashes and special offers from backpackers along the route. To book a BazBus ticket just phone their office - 021 422 5202 - or check their website.

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Arrive by Plane

Luckily the airport is not too far away from the conference venue (check map below). If you are flying into Port Elizabeth, you can a local meter taxi from the airport to your destination, or you can try Uber! To book flights, check out these pages:


Arrive by Bus

If you arrive by mainline bus, you will be dropped off at the main bus terminal at North Union Street. That is not too far away from Summerstrand, so you can either get a meter taxi to take you to your destination, or you can try Uber.
To book a mainline bus, try these pages:


Get around by Private Car

Getting around PE by private car is fairly easy. You can use the map below to navigate between the different conference venues. Make sure you offer your fellow delegates a ride to and from the venues, should they not have their own car. That way, you can reduce your carbon footprint and make some new friends!


Get around by Uber

Uber has generously sponsored a R50 voucher for each conference delegate, to get you from A to B during the conference. Details coming soon!
For now you can browse their website for more information.


Get around by Local Taxi

If you're up for a truly local experience, try the local minibus taxis. There are taxis running and to and from Summerstrand all the time! Don't be shy! Just ask around, people will help you out.


How to use this map: Click on the menu icon google map menu icon in the top left corner of the map banner. A menu will appear with a list of all placemarkers. Click on the place you want to go to. A side panel will appear with a description of that place. To get directions, click on the directions icon google map directions icon, then type in your starting point. Follow the given directions to get to your choice location.