Social Development

Moving South Africa into the Future.

ECDC has been working with SAYTC Eastern Cape to bring about sustainable economic growth and development in the youth tourism sector.
In 2016/2017 ECDC assisted with the collection of stats throughout the province.
Those SAYTC members who have submitted their stats will have the opportunity to bring a second delegate to this years conference sponsored by ECDC.
There are 30 sponsored delegate tickets that are available to qualifying staff members from Eastern Cape based businesses. The aim of this sponsorship is for staff who normally would not be at the conference to participate and gain experience in our sector. SAYTC, ECDC and Open Africa will be running a half day workshop with these delegates and interns from Open Africa. We hope to stimulate the participants to re-evaluate at how they interact with our industry and how they can gain the most from this years conference. A certificate of participation will be awarded to the sponsored delegates at the end of the conference.

SAYTC EC has been working with Open Africa in creating a new Wild Coast Route. Part of that process has been the launch of a program with 9 interns who have the potential to enter the tourism sector. Some may become entrepreneurs while others are looking at placements within businesses. Recently Open Africa has suggested that they bring in some of the interns from other Routes. This will further enhance the conference and engagement we have with new youths entering the tourism sector. We will be dedicating a day at WERK Space in which to facilitate this training. Those involved will receive a Certificate of Engagement at the end of the conference. We are aiming at a very fluid and interactive workshop where we can open debate about where South Africa is heading in tourism. The Youth Tourism Industry is the perfect springboard for these delegates to engage with the more formal tourism sector. They are the future of our industry and we are privileged to host them at this years conference.

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About Open Africa

Open Africa is a social enterprise that works with small businesses to establish rural tourism routes that offer travellers authentic experiences, while generating income and jobs for local people.

Tourism is the world’s largest job creator and Open Africa stimulates rural development by leveraging communities’ collective tourism assets. It does this by connecting remote areas with travel markets in a competitively sustainable and innovative way. It starts with identifying products and clustering entrepreneurs into branded networks that strengthen their combined power and market appeal.

Entrepreneurs are connected to customers through the Open Africa website and other marketing platforms. It turns conservation into a wealth creator and builds capacity through sharing knowledge and experience in a network that embraces them continuously thereafter.

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About ECDC - Eastern Cape Development Corporation

ECDC has the following corporate values:

Integrity – In all our dealings with all people we are known for our spirit of honour, reliability and accuracy.

Professionalism – We are defined by our positive, presentable demeanour and our quest for continuous improvement.

Accountability – We are always ready to give truthful, accurate account of our use of company time, assets and opportunities.

Teamwork – None of us is as productive as all of us when we complement each other to achieve a common goal.

Innovation - We aspire to embrace a culture of change and continuous innovation in our business dealings.

Customer-centrism - We strive towards building an enduring and beneficial client working relationship, thereby creating a positive customer experience.