Conference Program - Day 1

12th September 2017 - Registration & Adventures Day

The main venue for the day will be the Werk space in Baakens Valley (check out Venues). The registration stand will be open from 9.30am till 6pm so pop in when you arrive. Here you will receive your name badge that you must keep on you during the whole conference, and your goodie bag. Most delegates will be arriving during the day.

WERK space

During the arrival day 3 different activities are organized, and all delegates who arrive early enough can choose in which activity they would like to participate:

10 am – Entrepreneur and Business workshop – ECDC Sponsorship

All entrepreneurs and staff from the youth tourism sector are invited to participate in the ECDC workshop. We have brought together a selection of top tourism related speakers and partners that will be briefing you on various subjects and aspects of tourism.
Each speaker will be stationed at a table. The participants of the workshop will be divided in groups and will rotate from one table to the next, spending maybe 10min at each table. The whole event is semi-formal and participants are invited to spark debate and bring new ideas to the various tables.
The workshop is designed to be an engaging interaction with stimulating group discussions. Its 'slow' speed dating, to give our front-of-house staff an opportunity to engage directly with business owners, government representatives, young entrepreneurs, and activist from across the spectrum of the tourism industry.

Tables and Speakers
The founder of Once Hostels – Kim Whitaker
Find out more about the progressive growth of Once hostels and challenges starting a backpackers hostel group.
The GM of Curiocity HostelsCurious Megan
Megan has been in Youth Tourism for a while and can share valuable insights on being a GM in our industry today.
Eastern Cape Development Corporation - ECDC – Rory Haschick
Delelopment Agency partnerships can be crucial for a small bussineses to grow, find out more from Rory on how he works with SAYTC.
Campaign Driver at Youth For LionsAmy Webster
Has a passionate for wildlife and ethical, responsible tourism. Engage on how we can create a more responsible future for our natural resources.
Xhosa TalkJoshua Morgan
How to learn Xhosa in one year, about the social impact of language in South Africa.
The Tourism Grading Council – Noxolo Daniel
TGCSA plays a vital role in setting standards in our industry, find out more on the new methods used and what the future participation criteria will be for Youth Tourism.
33 South Backpackers in Obs – Natasha Mlunjwa
Natahsa will be speaking about how she went from being a bank employee to owning a backpackers, about the challenges she faced as a young entrepreneur.
Paris Perfect – Lizani Smith
Would you like to know more about the luxury travel sector? Lizani is highly skilled in developing luxury travel packages in Paris and London and can give you insights on how this might be relevant in our sector.

Facilitated by Deon from Open Africa, Rory from ECDC and Aidan from Wild Lubanzi Backpackers.

1 pm - a light lunch will be provided during the workshop for all participants. The workshop will end around 4pm.

Deon from Open Africa to introduce us to the Route concept and the work being done with the interns on the Wild Coast Route.

11.30 am - The Amazing Race – Organised by Get Real Adventure Breakaways and NMBT Pass

(what is the NMBT Pass?)
Start at 11.30 am after registration, finishing early evening
Celebrate the Eastern Cape – unforgettable memories & unique experiences!
The Amazing Race acts as a meaningful experience to connect various participants in terms of real networking across roles and offerings within SAYTC and the broader Tourism community. Each route will include over 20 experiences that cater for all tastes, interests and abilities.
The X challenge is designed in such a way to make use of different skills within a group and ensure maximum participation. No activities are compulsory, but they need to be planned strategically according to the team’s abilities and personalities, while considering the navigational route plan.
The aim, in this fun fast paced whirlwind tour of the Metropol, is to discover the beauty, the hidden treasures, rich history and adventures available in the Bay, while employing the talents and personalities of those on your team.
The teams race to get as many answers, solve puzzles, discover sites, complete as many tasks or dares and find as many clues as they can before racing for the finish line! All participants need to collaborate to succeed!

The five routes are called: Route 1 – Southern Traverse / Route 2 – Ibhayi Sunshine Saunter / Route 3 – Slipper Way / Route 4 – Culture Vulture / Route 5 – Eastern Gateway.

7 pm - Dinner @ the WERK_ space

Dinner can be ordered at various venues within WERK_ space. A food truck or two might pop in to provide extra deliciousness. Drinks will be available all evening, bring some cash for some amazing micro brewed beer or some gin tasting.

8.30 pm - Welcome Speech and Auction by Gavin Eyre - soap box available for other speeches! And donate your goodies for the auction now ...

9 pm - Music and Mingling - Sound by Wanderlust Backpackers. Thank you to Nomad Africa for providing the venue and to Wanderlust for sponsoring the sound.

Richmond Hill Brewing Co.Richmond Hill Brewing Co.Werk Space