Nomad Africa Adventure Tours

"doing it better, and doing it for less"

Nomad Adventures Truck

In 1997 Nomad was born with the founding philosophy of “doing it better, and doing it for less”.

While 20 years have passed and much has changed, this approach is the cornerstone of what, and how we do things at Nomad. Quality and value for money drive everyone and everyday at Nomad.

35 million kilometres, 10 500 tours and 105 000 people later, Nomad has run more guests on more tours and done it better than ever.

Undoubtedly Nomad’s greatest achievement has been exposing this magnificent place called Africa to people from all over the world, and the love and passion that has resulted from that exposure.

Nomad runs scheduled camping, accommodated, small groups and luxury adventure tours in southern & east Africa.