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The Green Girls in Africa is a consulting business specialising in sustainable tourism. It is run by a small team of people with a passion for responsible tourism and a deep understanding of needs of tourism businesses in a rapidly changing tourism space. We consider ourselves ambassadors for the concept of sustainable tourism and like sharing our knowledge and skills with like-minded people in the industry.

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We believe that responsible tourism is an important mechanism for capacity building, job creation, and upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities, while at the same time establishing a sustainable economic platform to among others support environmental conservation.

However, we also appreciate the challenges that businesses face on a day-to-day basis to make money. The truth of the matter is that responsible business does not mean losing money. It is a myth that ‘doing good’ costs too much. Sustainability makes excellent business sense, not just in terms of improving your bottom line, but also in terms of staff morale and the visitor experience you deliver.

We offer a range of sustainable tourism consulting services, including

• Business sustainability scans
• Development and implementation of sustainable business practices
• Working towards eco-certification, such as Fair Trade Tourism
• Tourism brand and product direct marketing
• Content creation
• Community and CSR project development & management

#HandsOffOurWildlife campaign

Our #HandsOffOurWildlife campaign emerged from strong personal and organisational ethics. It was born from a passion for the plight of our wildlife in captivity and a desire to change the South African tourism industry for the better. South Africa is a destination that has so much to offer in terms of diversity, quality and passion present in our product offering, but wildlife continues to be exploited for monetary gain and even in the name of conservation. These unethical wildlife encounters can ultimately only damage this valuable industry and reflect negatively on Brand SA.

#HandsOffOurWildlife Campaign

The campaign aims to end unethical and hands-on wildlife experiences. The focus is not just on one species, but it gives a voice to all the voiceless animals and wildlife in captivity that are involved in tourism and exploited for capital gain. It communicates a very simple and transparent message. A message that has no grey areas and makes choices for travellers easy in terms of doing the right thing when it concerns animal and wildlife related activities. When it comes to animal welfare we cannot be half pregnant.

Hands Off Our Wildlife Tourism Awareness Message