Faeez Samsoodien

Faeez Samsoodien (Sam)

Co-Founder of Wanderlust Backpackers

The co-founders (Nicole and Sam), adventurers and dreamers, conceived the dream for Wanderlust Adventures during explorations of their own. While traveling around South Africa for the past 9 years, they fell in love with the beauty, people, the backpacker’s way of life and culture. Deciding that "real life" sucked and travelling is so much better. Thus, Wanderlust Adventures was born.

In 2016, they decided to leave the BIG CITY, friends, family, home (including their best friend Kyle) and everything they knew, to begin their most spectacular adventure yet. Following their heart and feet, they landed in Port Alfred, set up shop and the rest is history.

At Wanderlust Adventures, they created a place where journeyman, romantics and adventurers could make a booking – (their website is sick: www.wanderlustadventures.co.za) and be welcomed with open arms.

Long story short, theirs is still being written. And it will be one of tales of love and joy, passion and laughter. And like their gorgeous and bespoke accommodation, their story will definitely be filled with colourful characters, hilarious misadventures and forever memories.