Blood Lions

a documentary about canned lion hunting

Blood Lions - Image by Pippa HankinsonBlood Lions - Image by Ian MichlerBlood Lions - Image by Pippa Hankinson

Each year, over 800 captive, hand-reared lions are shot in South Africa – simply for profit.
Approximately 8 000 lions are bred for the bullet, mostly in appalling conditions with little regard for their welfare. This highly lucrative industry is legal in South Africa. International hunters will go to extraordinary lengths to kill a lion at close range in order to take home their trophy.
Blood Lions™ follows South African environmental journalist and safari operator Ian Michler as he exposes the country’s captive lion breeding and hunting industry. Joining Michler is Rick Swazey, an American hunter who travels to South Africa to show viewers the path these hunters follow.
Witness the dark side of South Africa’s wildlife practices and the truth behind the industry in this undercover exposé.

Youth for Lions

a youth-focused awareness campaign

Youth For Lions Web Banner

Due to the number of exploitative activities involving youth, the Blood Lions™ team, in association with Wildlands, the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust and Regulus Vision, launched a global youth-focused awareness campaign - YouthForLions – on the 1st of September 2016.

The YouthForLions social media pages offer information, ideas and opportunities for youth to get involved and spread awareness about the captive breeding and canned hunting industry. Schools, universities and backpackers are invited to contact the YouthForLions team. “We’re also encouraging youth environmental groups and wildlife ambassadors to use our toolkits and get the message out there themselves by visiting our web page” said Amy Webster, YouthForLions Campaign Driver.

Youth For Lions PosterYouth For Lions April Awareness