Places to Stay

This year’s conference is being held in a beautiful, remote place. The accommodation at the actual venue is permanent tents with shaded covering. There are some old farm houses within 5 kilometres and well as an upmarket self-catering place 14 kilometres away.


The best vibe is going to be in the tents at the venue. However should you be completely averse to camping then you can book a room in the farm houses. They are 5 km away from the venue and transport will be provided 3 times a day to and from the conference venue. For those of you who are looking for something upmarket there is a self-catering place 14 kilometres away. However it is on a gravel road and takes just over 30 minutes to make the trip.

We will provide two shuttles a day from this resort. One in the morning and one back again after the evening functions. We have asked the Farm houses’ owner and the upmarket resort to hold some rooms for us but if you want these options you will need to decide quickly. Once these options are full you will have no option but to camp at the conference venue!


Please find below the pricing for each option:

1. Tents with mattresses - need to bring you own bedding

2. Bring your own camping equipment

Please email Noelline at to find out the options and prices.